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Private vs. Network Affiliate Programs


You'll find that many programs are starting to run their affiliate programs "in house" using a private software that they either pay to use or have designed themselves. Some private software solutions such as MyAffiliateProgram and DirectTrak allow affiliate program managers to offer higher payouts, wider program flexibility, and the ability to foster personal relationships with their partners.


There are still many many programs that are run through a network. Some of the most well know networks are listed below:

  • Commission Junction & BeFree
  • LinkShare
  • ShareaSale
  • Performics

These networks act like a broker between affiliates and companies. The networks will generally have hundreds of programs available to the affiliates and often have thousands of affiliates. Keep in mind that the majority of these programs cater towards the merchants more as they are the people that the network makes the most money from. For example, CommissionJunction takes 30% off the commission paid to affiliates. If a merchant (the company) wants to pay the affiliate $10 for a lead, the cost to the merchant is $13.00, $3.00 of which goes back to CJ. The networks offer a wider selection or programs than most private programs and generally more detailed reports.

It is recommended that you review each program thoroughly before joining a private or network supported program.

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